Music Studio

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I love music. Playing my own music, jamming to it at all times, concerts, reading about it, the history of it.  If it’s music, I love it. And I don’t even care what genre it is.

When my friend opened the doors of his music studio to me, I immediately wanted to be part of it and capture it all. I had to change up my early bedtime (Before 11) routine and get rid of my plans and my assistant because I found that the stereotypes really are true: musicians are spontaneous and often inspired to record during the wee hours of the night. 

Studios are like caves with very low lights, so I had to become a lighting ninja, setting up quickly so as not to interrupt any creative flow or miss any magical musical moment. Soon I started shooting at other studios around town and became very deeply intrigued with the kinds of people in the industry: confident established artists, hungry new ones full of energy, producers, groupies, those with drive, and those who are eaten away by the struggle to be heard. 

Here are some of the musicians I’ve met in studios along the way.