"Preparação"- Rio de Janeiro

Preparation for the World Cup!

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You might think: sun, bikinis, samba

Or maybe: favelas, poverty, crime

A year before the World Cup games, I packed my bags to find the real Rio. It’s a truly alive city, packed with 6 million people who were already buzzing about the World Cup. Even the Brazilians who don’t care about futbol (yes, they exist!) were energized by the newness of it all—buildings, stadiums, subways. The city was transforming, and I wanted to catch this transformation one whole year before the main event. Before the tourists got there. Before the big hype. I’m always more interested in capturing the excitement of possibility. The night before New Years Eve, not the day of.  

But how would I do it?

My first step was to learn how to blend in. I'm the type of photographer that has to live it and submerge deeply or not at all. When you belong, people will let you in their houses and give you access to their real lives. Two months of Portuguese lessons and an apartment with a Rio local. Check.

My second step was to not compete. There are so many beautiful Brazilian photographers that I had to shoot what doesn't get seen—the small things that are usually dismissed. I wanted a different side.  A different angle. Instead of iconic pictures, I wanted images that can never be replicated.  I had to take pictures that would be timeless, creating a time capsule of Rio before the "Copa Do Mundo".  A time and a place that will never be seen again.